Gingersnap is an         award winning Wedding photography team based out of Halifax, nova ScOtia.


Our Philosophy 

Photography is a combination of motion, light, and momentum. It’s a means of visual storytelling.

Part observational documentation, part contemporary art, Gingersnap combines a chic aesthetic with intuition, and a creative flair. 

As a reaction to life’s magic, whether it’s a couple’s first kiss, or a wedding party group shot on top of a skyscraper, Gingersnap’s photographs are relics of the moment. 

We pride ourselves on being more original, less traditional, and capture the essence of a life well lived. 


Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella


Your Story

Every couple has a story.

We want to know your story, how you met, what makes one another tick. Gingersnap believes in learning about our client’s stories, what makes your relationship, engagement, and your wedding day unique.

We’ve photographed engaged couples on the football field of Acadia University, on a small private airplane, and have even staged a charming picnic on Citadel Hill. 

Each engagement is a moment shared, and deserves to be preserved with craft, care and personality. Whether you want to stage a photo shoot on a sailboat, or outside Steve O’Reno’s, we’re open to ideas and inspiration. We encourage wild abandon. 

We want to know your style, aesthetic, and how you want your wedding day to unfold. We’re savvy to the modern family, and every shade of love. 

Gingersnap is tailor-made photographic experience; we want to work with you to create the best engagement and wedding photos possible. We aim to curate a personal exhibition of your love story to share for all your days, and we hope to continue to witness your story as the chapters arrive.

We’re with you every step of the way, from planning your ideas for your special day, to getting ready the morning of the wedding, to your last dance on the big night, heels off and ties loose. 

At Gingersnap, we invest an incredible amount of time and creative energy on every wedding we shoot. 

We’re passionate about our work, trustworthy, reliable, and available for local and out of town weddings. 

We’re here for the whole ride, listening to feedback, offering suggestions, and by the end of it all, we’ll be giving high five’s and opening our arms for a hug.

We’d love to invite you over to our place to talk more, or we can meet you for a drink or coffee downtown, or arrange a Skype meeting. We’re available anytime to answer questions.



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